C2P Process

How it Works

  1. Invitations are sent in the mail to the constituents of Fenner, ACT.
  2. The C2P team recruits a representative sample of the public to participate.
  3. The C2P team provides participants with non-partisan briefing materials on the topic.
  4. An online town hall will be hosted on the GoToWebcast platform, and in-person events will be hosted at the University of Canberra. Events are streamed live to constituents who will be submitting their questions and comments to C2P team members. The C2C moderator will ask the Member of Parliament the questions in the order in which they are received, and questions are only screened out of the queue if they are off-topic, repetitive, vulgar, abusive or inciting.
  5. Constituents are encouraged to take pre- and post-event surveys. In addition, constituents will be asked if they would be interested in providing more information in the form of an interview.
  6. The C2P team will provide a report of the town hall sessions.