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About Mitochondrial Donation

Mitochondrial disease is a group of inherited conditions that can cause serious health issues. In severe cases, life expectancy is reduced. Up to 1 in 5,000 Australians may develop severe mitochondrial disease during their lifetime. There is no known cure.

Mitochondrial donation is an assisted reproductive technology that might help prevent certain rare mitochondrial diseases by reducing the risk of a child inheriting the disease from a woman carrying genes that cause the condition. As with all new medical technologies, it is important to look at the underlying science and whether the technology is effective and safe.

Mitochondrial donation involves using mitochondrial DNA from a donor egg and nuclear DNA from the mother. It would need to be performed at fertility clinics. However, clinical use of mitochondrial donation for reproductive purposes is currently prohibited in Australia.


National Health and Medical Research Mitochondrial Donation Public Consultation Video


  • Accessible information regarding mitochondrial donation can be found on the National Health and Medical Research Council website.
  • Mitochondrial Donation Expert Working Committee Statement (PDF)
  • Mitochondrial Donation Community Consultation Citizens’ Panel Statement (PDF)
  • Mitochondrial Donation Issues Paper (PDF)