Town Halls

The Australian Parliament is set to have a conscience vote in 2021 about ending the prohibition on mitochondrial donation. A conscience vote, also known as a free vote, means that Members of the Australian Parliament will be allowed to vote according to their own conscience.

The Federal Member of Parliament for Fenner, Andrew Leigh, has agreed that his vote on the subject of mitochondrial donation will be guided by a directly representative democracy process, drawing on the thoughts and insights of residents.

Andrew Leigh, Member of Parliament

Constituents of Fenner will be provided an opportunity to play a part in this decision-making process in a couple of ways.

The town halls on mitochondrial donation will be moderated by the Connecting to Parliament team. This is an opportunity for constituents to ask MP Leigh questions and let him know about any thoughts concerning mitochondrial donation.

Online Townhall

20 September, Sunday

In-Person Townhall

21 September, Monday